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'I' between me and myself

I try to know who I am
As the journey started from birth
So to know who I am
I have to give birth again, to my self

With this effort of giving birth
Some thing just get created out of me

some time it is words
a beautiful combination of words
You call it 'Poetry'
Then I am a 'Poet'

Some time it is some color
on a paper
You call it 'Painting'
Then, I am a 'Painter'

I try to reproduce rhythm
by moving my feet, hands and body
You call it 'Dance'
Then, I am a 'Dancer'

So, I am Cook, Philosopher,
Psychologist, Engineer ......etc
Moreover, I am meditator
but still I am not what I am

because of this 'I' between me and myself.